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Designed for the future of consent-led marketing

Achieve customer data compliance in days with Cassie's powerful API and feature-rich interface. Easy to use tools will quickly give you a marketing advantage and improve the value of your data.

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Create one version of the truth for each individual contact
Integrate with your existing CRM and email providers

The platform

A simplified, unified experience for
everyone managing your customer data

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Customer data compliance simplified

With no need to switch onto or consolidate platforms for your CRM or email service provider, Cassie makes your business' compliance a fast, straightforward process. It is a proven service and platform which delivers benefits from day one.


The platform has the ability to manage data from multiple touchpoints, removing the need to update legacy systems.

Manage data from website cookie pop ups, email unsubscribes, and more, all from a central platform.

Powerful API

By using our APIs, Cassie becomes a fully integrated and futureproof part of your solution. IT teams benefit from the control and flexibility that these APIs deliver, whilst marketing teams can switch their connected tools such as email providers with reduced complexity in the future if required.

Widget integration for forms

The platform allows non-technical people to generate widgets that can collect consent and then embed these into your existing forms. Re-use what you already have to work faster and with less cost.

Upload your current permissions

With a sophisticated data mapping tool built into the platform, uploading existing data and permissions is simple and fast.

Customer data compliancy in days, not weeks


Maximum security and scalability

With clients ranging from SMEs to Governments internationally, our platform is scalable, flexible and highly secure.

Our platform is audited bi-annually and has to adhere to the most stringent levels of security. We invest in the best technology and the best people to ensure that your data is safe.

Maximum security and scalability

Management and reporting

The power to optimise your consent gathering process

The platform is designed to allow your organisation to optimise the consent that you gather. Tweak and test statements simultaneously with flexible A/B testing to ensure that you maximise the number of opt ins to your communications. Clever platform design also drives increased consent.

Audit depth

GDPR requires an auditable trail in relation to consent and preferences. If your existing system does not retain the granular history or exact wording of consent gained, it may not be compliant with the regulation. Cassie offers full granularity of consent for true compliance and simplified auditing.

Data access and segmentation

The platform has a centralised admin portal with a dashboard where contact channels can be defined, statements created, widgets deployed, email links defined and customer service access provided to other internal users. This single point of management enables you to view and segment your data quickly and easily.

Management and reporting


We keep you at the
forefront of data marketing

We continually improve the features and interface, and work with our customers to ensure that we are delivering a world-class solution suited to your business requirements.

Automatically updates in line with compliance changes

We ensure that the functionality of Cassie platform is in line with the latest regulatory guidance, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Focus on growing your business and leave the legislation to us.

Expert onboarding and support

We've managed implementations across the globe with businesses both small and large: our dedicated team are here to help both with the initial implementation and as your business landscape changes.

Stay at the forefront of data marketing

Ready to simplify your data marketing compliance?

To gain a full appreciation of how Cassie can deliver best practice compliance and improve customer experiences for your business, we offer full product demonstrations, arranged at your convenience.

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